May 23. - 26. 2024
Memorial of Šárka Víchová-Pešková
and Jiří Vícha Jr.

Bohemia Swiss Tour postponed, but Tour de Feminin Continues!

Ilustrační obrázek

In the midst of great preparations for the upcoming year and after long discussions, we had to make a final decision about the parallel race at the beginning of the week. We regret to inform you that it has been decided not to hold the Bohemia Swiss Tour this year. From the beginning it was necessary to determine how many participants should line up at the start for the whole concept to make sense. Unfortunately, we have not been able to reach a sufficient number of potential participants to date. The Bohemia Swiss Tour is certainly not over, we are just postponing the inaugural edition until later, it will come in new strength and offer a unusual experience. We still have a lot of ideas.

And let's not despair! Nothing will change at the Tour de Feminin. Everything will go ahead in full swing. We look forward to seeing you in May!