The 30-year-old lady that we call  "Tour de Feminin", has said  farewell to her founder. Under his leadership, the race has won recognition  worldwide. This demonstrates an increasing interest to participate in this race.

From 2018 the race has a new director - Šárka Pešková - a multiple champion of the Czech Republic and a member of the MS who also took part in the hardest women's race "Tour de Francz".

A variety of excellent cyclists in connection with beautiful nature annually guarantees an unforgettable sporting and social experience.

Tens of kilometers in a very challenging terrain of Šluknovský výběžek and Česká Kamenice region are awaiting. I believe that this year's tournament  will live upto everyone’s expectations.

I would like to wish all the participants good luck and will keep my fingers crossed that they manage the whole race with a smile and leave with a feeling of satisfaction.

My thanks go to the whole team of organisers for their hard work in putting everything together.

I would also like to thank all the towns and sponsors for their support.

Šárka Pešková – director

Šárka Pešková
Race Director


Today begins the final V. Stage (90,5 km)

08.07.2018 The winner of the 4th stage is MACKAIJ Floortje (NED Netherlands National Team).

Today afternoon starts IV. Stage - Rumburské okruhy (71,2 km)

07.07.2018 The winner of the 3rd stage is HANSON Lauretta (UHC UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team).

Today starts III. Stage - Time trial (14,6 km)

07.07.2018 The winner of the 2nd stage is SKALNIAK Agnieszka from EXP Experza Footlogix.
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Jan Kolář
Mayor of Krasna Lipa

We still talk about last year´s jubilee 30th tournament and this year´s competition is already around the corner. We are now starting another, now fourth decade.

The first days of July will again attract many cycling teams from around the world to Bohemian Switzerland. The participants will battle not only with themselves but also with the difficult terrain and unpredictable weather.

One of the largest regular sporting events of the Ústí nad Labem Region would not take place without the generous support of many sponsors and the work of dozens of volunteers. Also, it would not happen without the support of the governor,the  mayors of the towns and villages that all the stages run through and without an experienced team of organisers. Big thank you to everyone!

Jan Kolář
Mayor of Krasna Lipa

Milan Štěch
Chairman of the Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic

Every year, as Chairman of the Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic, I oversee the Tour de Feminin. And year after year, I have a better feeling about what the organizers (but also the racers and last but not least the audience) are doing and how they successfully promote women's cycling. From a historical point of view, it is not that long ago when a woman on a "bicycle" was something absolutely eccentric. Just like woman voters, woman running for an election, managing a company, etc. Let's not forget that.

Milan Štěch
Chairman of the Senate of the Parliament
of the Czech Republic

Oldřich Bubeníček
Governor of the Usti Region

Dear friends of sports and cycling,

Not only,a jubilee 30th, the country's toughest domestic cycling tournament for women - the Tour de Feminin was held in 2017 but also since the very first race in 1988 the racers combined have raced over 10,000 kilometers. In the thirty years of the competition, women from 47 countries all over the world have taken part. In 2016, a two-thousandth competetor participated in the races across the hills of  Děčín area.

I would like to pay tribute to Mr Jiri Vich, who for the past thirty years devoted his time to cycling and organising such an amazing event. As a proof of his great work is a line of racers who come back year after year.It is also an excellent presentation of our beautiful region.

In the next thirty years, I wish the competition to continue to hold such a high standard, while remaining a cycling business with a friendly and almost family like atmosphere. I wish all participants of the "Czech Switzerland Prize" tour and the audience along the track a lot of pleasant experiences.


Oldřich Bubeníček
Governor of the Ústí region