In 1988 we prepared a small stage race for women and juniors for the first time. At that time we could not expect that we will be able to prepare next years of this race in such a small town Krásná Lípa.

But this year we will start the aniversary 30th year. For three decades we have welcomed to the start competitors from 47 countries around the world. Last year, the 2,000th cyclist presented and this year during the aniversary year we will reach 10,000th racing kilometer.

Great cyclists from all over the world, world champions, Olympic champions in connection with beautiful nature guarantee unforgettable sporting and social experiences. We are expecting tens of kilometrs in a very difficult terrain of Sluknov hook and Českokamenicko. I believe that this year will be interesting in sports aspect.

I would like to thank to all towns, villages, sponzors, voluntary co-organizers and well coordinated organization team for the excellent organization of the event.

Jiří Vích
Race Director


Winner XXX. Tour de Feminin

09.07.2017 Winner XXX. Tour de Feminin has become WINDER Ruth from UHC UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team.

Today begins the final V. Stage (104,1 km)

09.07.2017 The winner of the 4th stage is VAN DER BURG Nancy (NED, JWV Jos Feron Zeeuws-Vlaander).

Today afternoon starts IV. Stage - Rumburské okruhy (71,2 km)

08.07.2017 The winner of the 3rd stage is DUYCK Ann-Sophie (BEL Belgian National Team).
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Jan Kolář
Mayor of Krasna Lipa

Tour de Feminin - it has been for three decades, the name for the international cycling stage
race for women, which promotes the good name of the Czech Republic, Ústi Region and the region Šluknovsko literally around the world. Just look at the start list from last few years, where we find the national teams from New Zealand, Japan, Australia or Colombia, Mexico or exotic Costa Rica. There had to figure out where the Czech Republic, Bohemian Switzerland and Krasná Lípa are.

It is a very challenging sports event in aspects of organization, technical support, finances. It can be organized only thanks to the generous support of sponsors and partners, who belongs big thank. Thanks also to all my colleagues - mayors from our region - who joined forces with organizers. And finally thanks to the founder of this event and long-time race manager Jiří Vích with the desire to make everything well managed and we will be able to meet during the closing ceremony in the square Křinické náměstí in Krasná Lípa.

Milan Štěch
President of the Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic

Tour de Feminin is under the patronage of me for several years. And I do like it. The idea of Jiří Vích of promoting cycling for women in beautiful Bohemian Switzerland and Lusatian Mountains is exceptional. Women´s cycling is apparently on the rise not only the competitive one but also the recreational one. Tour de Feminin this optimistic curve largely copies, both in terms of athletic performances, as well as in terms of audience attendance. Therefore, I believe that this race faces a very promising future.

Milan Štěch
President of the Senate

Oldřich Bubeníček
Governor of the Usti Region

Dear sports friends and especially friends of cycling.
I would like to welcome you to the anniversary 30th year of the most beautiful and also the
hardest local cycling stage race for women - Tour de Feminin 2017. This year I would like to thank first and formest to the organizer of the event Jiří Vích for the way that in three decades has changed a regional race into the race with resounding name, where we can see cyclists from all over the world.

I wish the reputation of this event is on the increase in the following years. I hope that cyclist will come back to the Sluknov hook in the following years not only as cyclists but to know and discover the beauty of the Ústí region. No matter who win the race Tour de Feminin 2017, I wish all cyclists and also fans and spectators along the course lots of pleasant experiences. Good luck.

Oldřich Bubeníček
regional council president of Ústí region