In July, we will traditionally welcome some of the world's best racers at the 32nd year of the five stage race "Tour de Feminin - The Prize of Bohemian Switzerland".

Last year, the director of the race, Šárka Víchová - Pešková, sadly passed away and to commemorate her, we have decided to call it her memorial.

The diverse attendance of excellent racers and the beautiful surroundings guarantee an unforgettable sporting experience both for the competitors and the supporters.

The very difficult track running through the Lužické Mountains will not give the racers a minutes break.

I hope that the beginning of July will not only bring the sunny weather we have been used to, but also another remarkable sporting experience.

I believe that together with the organising team, we will manage to put together yet another amazing race that will be enjoyed by all.

Jiří Vích – The Race Director

Jiří Vích
The Race Director


The result of the last stage and the final ranking

14.07.2019 The winner of the 5th stage is WILKOS Katarzyna.

Today begins the final V. Stage (90,5 km)

14.07.2019 The winner of the 4th stage is SYRADOEVA Margarita.

Today afternoon starts IV. Stage - Rumburské okruhy (71,2 km)

13.07.2019 The winner of the 3rd stage is HEINE Vita (Hitec Products-Birk Sports Team).
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Jan Kolář
Mayor of Krasna Lipa

Looking through the attendance list for the Tour de Feminin feels a bit like browsing the atlas of the world. Teams from relatively close European countries alternate with attractive and exotic countries from far far away. For many of us these destinations are hard to reach. Cycling supporters and the wider sporting community all over the world, in countries such as Japan, Australia, New Zealand, USA know that somewhere there in the middle of Europe is the Czech Republic, Bohemian Switzerland and  a town of Krásná Lípa. Tour de Feminin is without a doubt an extraordinary sporting experience which helps greatly to promote our region.

Jan Kolář
Mayor of Krasna Lipa

Jaroslav Kubera
President of the Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic

Dear sporting and cycling supporters,

I am please to be able to join all the previous sports and politics personalities  which over the years supported the Tour de Feminin. This year a women's cycling race in the beautiful region of Bohemian Switzerland will go ahead for the thirty-second time. This is a wonderful age for a woman. Still young, but already with some experience, still hopeful, but no longer naive. What more is there to want from life?

I wish the race, the organizers and all the competitors the very best of luck, good  weather and a lot of supporters along the way.

Jaroslav Kubera
President of the Senate of the Parliament
of the Czech Republic

Oldřich Bubeníček
Governor of the Usti Region

Dear friends of sport and cycling,

The time has passed  by fast, as the pedals of the cyclists at the Tour de Feminin. This year it will already be the 32nd year of the tour. It is not until July 11-14 and I am already looking forward to the high-standard performances from competitors from all over the world.

This race has no rival in the Czech Republic, whether it be a tradition or a profile of the track set in the picturesque part of the Ústí nad Labem Region, Šluknovský výběžek. In challenging hills the competitors must make the most of themselves. Only at the finish will the spectator realise how difficult this race was.

I would like to wish all the participants of this year's race a lot of strength and if possible no obstacles on the way to achieving  success, and each of them a bit of luck too. The organizers I wish no complications and  hopefully there will be many satisfied spectators along the track.  Of course I hope for  beautiful weather, which is so typical in the villages of the Šluknov region at this time of the year.

Oldřich Bubeníček
Governor of the Ústí region