After a year period, there is again time, to invite you to the 29th annual Tour de Feminin – Bohemian Switzerland Prix – international cycling stage race for women, which became a traditional meeting of excellent riders from Europe and also from overseas countries.

Connection of cycling contest and beautiful nature guarantees sports experiences to remember. A really hard race is prepared for riders. It is composed of 5 stages. I hope for fair play from the start to the finish.

I would like to thank all sponsors, colleagues, police force, fire brigade and the other volunteers for ensuring that the race goes well.

Jiří Vích
Race Director


Official Invitation 2017

21.02.2017 Dear sports friends,

The cycling club Krásná Lípa – the Czech Republic - invites you heartily to 30th International

cycling stage race for women

Official Invitation 2016

25.02.2016 Dear sports friends, The cycling club Krásná Lípa – the Czech Republic - invites you heartily to 29th International cycling stage race for women "TOUR de FEMININ - O cenu Českého Švýcarska". The race is running from July 7th to July 10th 2016.
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Jan Kolář
Mayor of Krasna Lipa

The first-ever stage of Tour de Feminin – cycling race for women - took place in summer in 1988. Nobody could expect that in the year 2016 during 29th annual the most successful riders will start, hundreds of spectators along the route will cheer riders on and colorful peloton will number hundreds riders from all over the world.

This sports event requires generous sponsors support, selfless work of organizers and volunteers. It is important to thank to all of them. I also appreciate help of my colleagues – mayors of surrounding villages. And last but not least it is important to thank to the founder of Tour de Feminin and long-time race manager Jiří Vích. In July we will celebrate cycling holidays under the tutelage of Mr. Vích again.

Milan Štěch
President of the Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic

The team of volunteers headed by Mr. Jiří Vích has an idea to promote women cycling in the attractive National park of Bohemian Switzerland and Lusatian Mountains. It is successfully developing. A proof is a satisfaction of spectators and also interesting sports performances. The Czech Republic had no medals in overall last year. But Nikola Nosková was very successful in mountains competition. Hopefully our riders will succeed better this year.

I wish success to Czech riders and foreign riders as well. Because of their participation the prestige of this race is growing.

I wish all of you especially our riders success in the next edition of Tour de Feminin.

Oldřich Bubeníček
Governor of the Usti Region

Dear sports friends and especially friends of cycling,

in July we will watch another edition of Tour de Feminin – O pohár Českého Švýcarska closely to find out who win the cup. This race has no parallel in the Czech Republic as for its tradition or profile of the landscape in beauty spot of Ústí nad Labem region in Šluknov Hook.

Riders have to expend all their energy when they ride uphill. In finish spectators find out how demanding is this race, where riders from all over the world meet.

Steep rise, palpitation, low bottom gear – this is the ride in hills which is too tough for experienced riders as well.

I would like to wish to all riders lots of strength, no difficulties during the race and a bit of luck. I wish to organizers no complications during the event and many satisfied spectators along the route.

Good luck!
Oldřich Bubeníček