July 8. - 11. 2021
Memorial of Šárka Víchová-Pešková
ŠKODA AUTO a.s., General partner

Start list 2021

Ilustrační obrázek
2021 will be the 33rd anniversary of the Tour de Feminin.
On 10th January 2021 the update list of participants.

Every year we are delighted to welcome team entries from all over the world.

Coop-Hitec Products (NOR)
Drops Le Col (GBR)
Parkhotel Valkenburg (NED)
Massi Tactic Women's Team (ESP)
Camps - Basso (GBR)
NT Czech republic (CZE)
NT Slovakia (SVK)
NT Slovenia (SLO)
NT Germany (GER)
NT Nederlands (NED)
NT Belgium (BEL)
MIX Team CykloTrener (CZE)
Team Dukla Praha (CZE)
Vélo Club Morteau Montbenoit (FRA)
WV Schijndel (NED)
Wheel Divas Cycling Team (GER)
Team d.velop Ladies (GER)
Team Stuttgart (GER)
Watersley R&D Cycling Team (NED)
Maxx - solar LINDIG women cycling team (GER)
NWVG - Uplus (NED)
Lotus Cycling Team (HUN)
Team Loving Potatoes (NED)
Mat Atom Deweloper Wroclaw (POL)
Restore Cycling Team (NED)