July 8. - 11. 2021
Memorial of Šárka Víchová-Pešková
ŠKODA AUTO a.s., General partner


Application and requirements specification for accommodation of competitors and escorts, including the name list should be sent to the Director and the Secretariat of the race:

Jan Novota, Simona Davídková
Phone: +420 777 809 468
e-mail: info@tourdefeminin.com

Application deadline: 1. 6. 2021

The application, to be registered must include:

  • full name
  • membership of a club or national team
  • UCI ID
  • license number
  • specification of accommodation requirements, including a list of names


Application online

(3 alphanumeric characters (letter, number), e.g. MAD, MX4 etc.
Contact person
Accomodation (7. - 10. 7. 2021)
(list of racers and other team members + nacionality + racers with UCI ID; note for organisers)