1st point

Race organizer
Cycle club Krásná Lípa – Czech Republic


Race secretary
Municipal authority Krásná Lípa – Masarykova 6/246 – 407 46 Krásná Lípa
Došková Vladimíra
Phone: +420 412 354 831
E-mail :


Date and location of the race
11. – 14. July 2019, Krásná Lípa


Race manager:
Šárka Pešková – Smetanova 22 – 407 46 Krásná Lípa
Phone.: +420 412 383 671
Mobil: +420 604 526 500


Main commissaire: Inger Ness, Norway


Ing. Jiří Šťastný, Ondřej Majerčík, Markéta Jandová, Pavel Mareš, Jan Starý, Davídková Simona


Track commander:
Miroslav  Severa


Race track:

1ststage 11 July 2019 road 119.4 km 1:20 PM Krásná Lípa - Varnsdorf CZ
2nd stage 12 July 2019 road 104.2 km 10.00 AM Jiříkov - Jiříkov CZ
3rd stage 13 July 2019 time trial 14.6 km 10:00 AM Krásná Lípa CZ
4th stage 13 July 2019 road 71.2 km 4:05 PM Rumburk - Rumburk CZ
5th stage 14 July 2019 road 90.5 km 10:20 AM Varnsdorf - Krásná Lípa CZ


Total distance:
399,9 kilometers


2nd point

Race classification:
Racers of the women elite category are allowed to take part. The race is organized according to the UCI rules and this schedule. This race has been classified as a category WE 2.2.

Scoring chart for the women elite category is in accord with the UCI rules.

Final qualification Stages and half stages For the jersey of the race leader
Ranking Points Ranking Points  
1st 40 1st 8  
2nd 30 2nd 5 2 points for one stage
3rd 16 3rd 3  
4th 12 4th 1  
5th 10      
th 8      
7th 6      
th 3      


3rd point

The conditions:
All race participants must have a valid cycle federation licence for the year 2019 and display it upon request. The race can be attended by national teams, UCI women´s teams, mixed professional, and regional and club teams as written in paragraph 2.1. 005 of the UCI rules.

According to paragraph 1. 2. 052 of the UCI Rules each team must own and show a start permit issued by their national federation.

According to article 2. 2. 003 of the UCI Rules there is a possible start for the following: 5-8 women teams comprised of contestants born in the year 2000 and earlier, younger contestants can start when they show written confirmation from the national federation according to paragraph 2. 6. 004 of the UCI Rules.

All participants must have a valid passport or another identification document.


Send to the race secretary or director your name and details on the official UCI application form, including the birth date, UCI code, licence number, and requirements for accommodation of the contestants and team staff - by 15 June 2019 at the latest.


The race will be conducted according to the UCI rules and their regulations. The race will take place in normal traffic with some restrictions at crossroads, however all contestants must adhere to the law about overground communication number 361/2000 of the code of law and they must respect its later changes. Each contestant takes part at their own risk and the organizer is not responsible for any damage or harm that should occur during the race.

The organizer has the right to make necessary changes to the schedule of the race in the case of any unpredictable circumstances.

The third stage (individual time trials) takes place during closed-traffic periods.

The contestants and team staff must respect the instructions of the organizers.


4th point

Race office:
Municipal authority Krásná Lípa – Masarykova 6/246 -407 46 Krásná Lípa

Office is opened from 10 July 2019 from 4:00 PM, to the end of the race – 14 July 2019 to 4:00 PM.

The distribution of starting numbers is on July 10th, 2019 from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm.


Start numbers:
The starting numbers can be collected by any licence holder or his/her substitute. Each contestant will get a set of starting numbers (no subsequent modifications are allowed) which must be placed so that they are easy to see.

During the third stage, 1 starting number is sufficient.


The arrival of all contestants is on July 10th, 2019. The contestants, including the team staff, are required to show health insurance certification.

Each participant including the team staff is required to pay 70,- EUR.

Will be provided by the organizer for registered contestants and team staff in a hotel.


Accommodation and board:
Accommodation and board start on July 10th, 2019 with dinner and end on July 14th, 2019 with lunch.

Under an obligation of the Law Act – the Residence of Foreign Nationals in the Territory of the Czech Republic No. 326/1999 Coll. § 103, upon check-in every attendee (including racers and any member of the support teams), will be required to provide a valid national identity card or any other personal ID card or a passport.

In case of a refusal, accommodation will be declined.

Organizer does not ensure diet food.

In case of absence from the race or non-acceptance of the ensured accommodation (including the number of participants) team manager has to pay all costs associated with it during presentation.


Team conference:
The team conference of team leaders, commissaries and organizers (according to the paragraph 1. 2. 087 of the UCI Rules) takes place on July 11th, 2019 at 9:00 AM in Cultural Hall (cinema) in Krásná Lípa.


5th point

Individual time trials:
The contestants will start in reverse order of the final race of the individuals at 1-minute intervals.

If two contestants from the same team are placed in this classification directly behind each other, the commissaires are entitled to replace one of them with a contestant from another team. The start is fixed.


6th point

Radio stations:
The distribution of radio stations takes place during the team conference before the start of the first stage. Each contestant is responsible for battery charging, returning them after the race to the racing office.


7th point

Neutral automatic vehicles:
The organizer will provide three neutral mechanical vehicles.


8th point

Bonification at the finish of each stage:

1st stage 10, 6 and 4 seconds
2nd stage 10, 6 and 4 seconds
3rd stage no bonification here
4th stage 6, 4 and 2 seconds
5th stage 10, 6 and 4 seconds

In the speed bonuses there are 3, 2 and 1 seconds for the first three contestants.


9th point

Time limit:
For 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th stage, the time limit is 30% of winning time. The time limit for time trial is 50% of winning time. For each stage, the time limit can be specified with respect to extraordinary circumstances. The team leaders and the contestants will be informed about the limits by the announcement of the referee board.


10th point

The race contains the following classifications:

10.1. Race of the individuals:
The winner is the contestant whose achieved time in the stages, including bonifications or penalties, is lower.

The classification is carried out in each stage.

Bonifications are awarded for:
1. placing in stage – 10, 6 and 4 seconds 
2. placing in half stage – 6, 4 and 2 seconds
3. placing in speed bonus – 3, 2 and 1 second

In time trial is no bonification.

When the contestants have the same time in the final, the following factors will prove decisive:
1. lower fractions of a second total measured in the time trial of the contestants.
2. lower sum of placing in single stages
3. better placing in the last stage

The leader of this race will get a yellow jersey in which she has to start.


10. 2. Point race of the individuals:

The point race is rated by the sum of points, which are gained in single stages and for placing in speed bonuses.

1. stage: 2 sprint premiums and 3 sponsors sprint premiums

2. stage: 2 sprint premiums

4. stage: 1 sprint premiums and 1 sponsors sprint premiums

5. stage: 2 sprint premiums

Ranking in the finish is as follows:
In stages involving a mass start, the first 15 contestants are rated:
25, 20, 16, 14, 12, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 point

In the time trial the first 10 contestants are rated:
10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 point.

Speed bonus is rated 3, 2 and 1 point.

The winner of this race will be the contestant with the highest amount of points.

In the case that more contestants have the same point amount, the following factors are decisive:
1. higher number of victories in single stages.
2. higher number of victories in speed bonuses included in total classification of point contest
3. better placing in the final order of the individuals
The leader of this race will get an orange jersey, in which she has to start.


10. 3. Climber contest:
There are 14 climber bonuses in this race.
1. stage: 2 climbings
2. stage: 5 climbings
4. stage: 3 climbings
5. stage: 5 climbings

In the climber bonuses the first 4 contestants will get 5, 3, 2 and 1 point(s).

The winner of this race is the contestant with the highest sum of points.

In the case that more contestants have the same amount of points in total ranking of climber contest, the following factors are decisive:
1. higher sum of 1st places in climber bonuses
2. better ranking in the final order of the individuals´ race.

The leader of this race will get a blue jersey, in which she has to start.


10. 4. Best contestants under 23 years of age:

Winner of this contest is the contestant who achieves age of 18, 19, 20, 21 or 22 by 31 December 2019. The ranking is in accord with placings of contestants under 23 years of age in final ranking of individuals.

Points of speed and climber bonuses are counted in this competition.

The leader of this contest will get a white jersey, in which she has to start.


10. 5. Team competition:

The ranking of the individuals in single stages is decided according to the sum of individual times of the first three contestants from each team.

In the case of the same times of the team qualifications in stages, the following factors will decide:
1. better sum of placing of the first three team contestants with best times in the stage
2. better placing of the best contestant of the team in the finish of the relevant stage

The final rating of the teams is decided according to the sum of individual times the first three team contestants acquired in all rated stages.

In the case of the same times in the final classification of the team, the following factors will be decisive:
1. higher sum of 1st place finishes in the evaluation of the teams in single stages
2. higher sum of 2nd place finishes in the evaluation of the teams in single stages, etc.
3. better place of the best team racer in the final ranking of the individuals´ race

Team consists of 5 – 8 contestants.

A team which is reduced to less than 3 contestants will be excluded from the race.

The leading team of this contest will receive no jersey.


10. 6. The youngest contestant:
There is a prize for the youngest competitress who finishes the race.


10. 7. The order of jerseys:
1. Individuals                                                              YELLOW jersey
2. Point contest                                                          ORANGE jersey
3. Climber contest                                                      BLUE jersey
4. Best competitress under 23 years of age          WHITE jersey

In the case that one contestant is the holder of more jerseys, there is a priority of wearing them:
1. Individuals
2. Point contest
3. Climber contest
4. Best competitress under 23 years of age


11th point

Prize schedule:
Financial rewards go to the contestant placed in particular stages in places 1 to 15 and for final results in places 1 to 15.

1, 2 and 5 stage   3 and 4 stage
ranking reward ranking reward
1st place 195 EUR 1st place 120 EUR
2nd place 115 EUR 2nd place 90 EUR
3rd place 90 EUR 3rd place 60 EUR
4th place 70 EUR 4th place 50 EUR
5th - 10th place 60 EUR 5th - 10th place 40 EUR
11th - 15th place 30 EUR 11th - 15th place 30 EUR
TOTAL 980 EUR   710 EUR
ranking reward
1st place 165 EUR
2nd place 110 EUR
3rd place 90 EUR
4th place 70 EUR
5th - 10th place 60 EUR
11th - 15th place 30 EUR

The rewards will be distributed in euro (EUR).

The winners of all competitions (individual, point, climber and activity) will receive a lagniappe.

The winners of all announced bonuses will receive a lagniappe.

The youngest contestant who finishes the race will receive a lagniappe.

Consolation prize – the last competitress in final ranking – IS CANCELED!!!


12th point

Anti-doping check:
The doping check will be conducted according to the Rules of the UCI anti-doping check or according to the Anti-doping Check Rules of ČSC.

Anti-doping tests will be taken at the end of each stage – Krásná Lípa, Jiříkov, Rumburk, Varnsdorf.

The directions to anti-doping rooms will be marked.

The contestants chosen for an anti-doping check will be listed in the room of the stage finish.


13th point

Results announcement:
According to paragraph 1. 2. 112 of the UCI Rules, the contestants are obliged to take part in the official proclamation. The first three contestants after each stage and contestants who should take over the jersey from single stage must come to the victory rostrum and winners of all bonuses in stages!!!

Proclamation will be always held within 15 minutes after the arrival of the first contestants.

At the end of the last stage the announcement of the final results will take place according to the time schedule of the races. The first 10 contestants, the winners of single qualifications and competitions must take part in it. The contestants will get lagniappes during the proclamation.

Financial rewards belonging to the contestants will be distributed in the race office after the proclamation of the results is finished.


14th point

Handling of offences:
The referee committee can punish the contestants and other participants of the race for offences against the UCI Rules and race rules. It shall be conducted according to the punishment chart listed in the Technical Directives of the UCI.

15th point

Mechanical vehicles:
The dimensions of the mechanical vehicles of the teams must correspond to the UCI Rules. In the case the rules are not observed they will not be included into the convoy. The order of the mechanical vehicles for the 1st stage will be decided according to a lot from the conference. In the 2nd, 4th and 5th stage the order will be set according to the placing of the best contestants from each team in the final running classification of the individuals.

In the 3rd stage it is possible to use a mechanical vehicle behind each contestant.

Numbers for vehicles will be distributed by a referee in the presentation area, at the signature sheets, before each stage.

In taking over the contestants, the red flag of the referee committee must be respected. In the case of bicycle defects the contestant can get the front or rear wheel, or the complete bike. A wheel exchange is allowed only behind the group on the right side of the road.


16th point

Presentation of the contestants:
Each contestant has to sign the signature sheets by her own hand wthin 15 minutes, at the latest.

The contestant who does not sign or let another person sign for her will be punished according to the UCI Rules.

The team is obliged to introduce themselves to the spectators before each stage according to the time schedule, if the organizer insists.


17th point

Track marking:
By signs located on the right side of the road in the following manner:

50 km after the start and last 25, 20, 10, 5, 4, 3 and 2 km. The last kilometer before the finish will be marked by a red flag.

The finish will be marked by a white band on the road and a banner marked FINISH.

Speed bonuses will be marked by a yellow colour on the road with the sign of l km, 500 m, 200 m, 100 m by a red band on the road and on both sides of the road with a sign PREMIE.

Climber bonuses will be marked by a yellow colour on the road with signs of 1 km, 500 m, 200m, 100m by a green band on the road and on both sides of the road with a sign PREMIE.


18th point

Health service:

Česká republika  -  LIFEMEDIC  s,r,o  -  407 21  Česká Kamenice  -  Palackého 689


STK ČSC dne  21. 2. 2019

Organization committee Tour de Feminin – Czech Switzerland Trophy.